Le Kale Project | Darkrye.com | Revival | Issue 17

Let’s say you grew up with kale as a staple in your diet, and your mom feeds it to you when you’re sick (with brown rice and miso soup) because it’s so damn good for you. Kale—it’s just kind of there, you know, like your dog and your memories, so it begins to blur from merely being a leafy green vegetable into absorbing connotations of home. But then you move to France and the American green cliché is an absolute mystery! You can’t find kale anywhere because no one knows what it is. Well that’s exactly what happened to Kristen Beddard when she moved to Paris, unable to speak French or score any kale. Her displacement led to The Kale Project, an initiative to reintroduce kale, and a little bit of home, to France.